• Kennedy Ann Weinpert


  • August 12, 2002


  • Mentor, Ohio


  • James and Kimberly


  • Mentor High School


  • 11th (2018-2019), Class of 2020


  • 4.0+ GPA; Honor Roll

I am a junior at Mentor High School in Mentor, Ohio. I have a 4.0+ grade point average and take mostly honors classes. I am currently in the top 6% of my class out of 602 students.
Currently, I am a level 10 gymnast at All Around Gymnastics Academy in Mentor, Ohio where I am coached by Tom Logar. I would consider my best events to be floor and beam but I still feel as if I am very strong at all four events. I train 17 hours in the gym per week.
Here’s a list of the skills I am currently competing and training.
Competing: yurchenko layout
Working: yurchecko full
Competing: tkachev, pac salto, uphill, bind front giant half double tuck
Working: double tuck full out
Competing: front toss, back handspring layout step-out, switch leap split 3/4, full turn, roundoff 1 1/2 twist
Working: back handspring layout layout, front aerial, roundoff double tuck
Competing: round off back handspring double pike, round off back handspring double tuck, front handspring front full front layout, full turn with leg at horizontal, switch side pupa
Working: round off back handspring double layout, round off back handspring full in back out, front handspring front full front full, front handspring rudi back layout step out